Part number      Holding capacity
#41101-90          .030” Ø – . 625” Ø
#41102-90          .062”Ø – 1.250” Ø

Magnetic V-blocks

Accurately Check Parts with NTM’s Magnetic V-Blocks

  • Case Hardened
  • All surfaces ground parallel and perpendicular to one another with a .0002” total tolerance
  • Matched Sets available upon request for an additional charge
  • Hand Crafted in USA


NTM Inc. products have made life a lot easier in our inspection lab.  We can quickly fixture components for inspection on our Vision System and Toolmakers Microscopes using the NTM Magnetic V-Blocks.

The Fact that they are well machined and squared up so well allows us to confidently inspect the tight tolerance parts used in the automation & robotics sector today.  Highly recommended!

Michael Batrich, Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance CGI Inc.
We use the 1″ V Block model on the shop floor where precision is critical, not just in inspection.  These work well for fixturing and to hold parts steady for CMM checks.
Brent Betzler, Quality Assurance Director MPI